Al-Nassr signs last-minute comeback in Al-Batin match A fan told Ronaldo, who was defeated at halftime, that Messi was better So is it true that the Portuguese said "Then go watch him"?

Al-Nassr defeated Al-Batin 90+3, 90+12 and 90+14, which he lost 1-0. He beat him 3-1 with goals he found in the minutes. A small fan mocked Cristiano Ronaldo as he went to the dressing room, saying "Messi is the best". So what did the Portuguese star answer to him?

"Then go watch him, what are you doing here?" allegedly said. However, this claim is not true. Al-Nassr's star is actually commenting on the match, ignoring what the fans are saying. "It was a simple game, it was a damn simple game," Cristiano Ronaldo shouts in Portuguese as he goes to the locker room, defeated at halftime.